The Nest

Why choose Montessori?

• Chidren are safe, secure, happy and content
• encouraged towards gradual independence
• learning early social skills and manners
• learning to feed themselves, wash their hands, brush their teeth and dress themselves etc.
• developing co-ordination and motor skills
• encouraged to make choices and put away their chosen activities
• introduced to the Montessori room during their second year to prepare for the next stage

The infant community

The infant community is called 'The Nest' and the learning environment is designed to meet the developmental needs of babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age. Each child is allocated a Keyworker and that Practioner provides a caring and nurturing response to each childs needs, both physical and psychological.

Even before birth, babies are testing out their limbs, their reflexes and gross motor skills. From birth to 12 months, this joyous exploration of the body’s power progresses from kicking and stretching to being able to use the little fingers as pincers to pick up all kinds of interesting objects. Control of the hands and feet, self-support of the head, hand-eye coordination and the miracle of crawling all come into play in the first year of life.

Montessori philosophy is to make sure that in all this activity babies are not being restrained either by their clothing or by furnishings like cribs or playpens. Soft, cotton clothing that enables free range of the limbs is best. The environment is carefully organised so that the baby is able to move about in its designated areas. Simple wooden toys, mobiles and safe household objects can all honour babies’ needs to reach out for what delights them.

The curriculum

The infant-toddler prepared environment is characterised by order, simplicity and beauty which meet the needs of the child. The nest environment is especially prepared to stimulate the young infant and is divided into four rooms to provide for the different age groups with an outside area. Each Practitioner helps to provide a loving and sociable environment. Ther is plenty of language and physical stimulation and the child’s development is enriched through songs, books and activities. Our policy is to follow the needs of the child. Specific materials are provided to aid the development of this age group such as eye-hand-control, movement and language. The main aim is to encourage the child to become independent through interaction with the environment.

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