Dear Miss Mavi
Thank you for all the effort that you put into getting me where I am now. As I go on to face future challenges, I will always remember the life lessons you have taught me. Thank you once again and I hope you like my little present.

Love, Anivart

Dear Miss Mavi
Words cannot express how grateful we are for all your support with Anivart’s education over the past two years. He has really flourished since moving to High Elms and the credit for this goes to you.

Thank you and God bless, Snehita and Rahul

It is with great sadness that we write to give you notice of Marianna leaving High Elms at the end of the Summer Term. Your school has been a wonderful learning environment and she has been greatly blessed educationally and emotionally. We thank you so much.

Mrs Christoforou

Our daughter, Rebecca, could not have got a better introduction to school than the one she received at High Elms. Attending from age 2-4, she blossomed academically, emotionally and socially in the warm, nurturing environment provided by the dedicated teaching staff. Her dream and ours would have been for her to continue until age 11. However, the fees were too high for our situation. We nonetheless recommend High Elms without reservation. It is a place where children thrive, not just survive. Thank you to everyone who helped our daughter to grow.

Stephen & Louise

Dear Mrs O’Neill
Thankyou for all you and your staff have done for me. I have gained so much more courage and improved my dyslexia so much. I miss you, your staff and the kindness of everyone there. I learned new ways of being taught and how others are taught.
Thank you, hope to see you soon!


Dear Mrs O’Neill
Our daughter has attended your school for only one year and she has changed from being so vulnerable to being a girl with so much confidence and self esteem, it’s unbelievable. If every child was taught the Montessori way there would be a world of very happy and confident children. Children should be guided and nurtured at their own pace and that’s exactly what you’re doing!
Thankyou so very much.

Mr and Mrs Manzi

Dear Mrs O’Neill
Staff are so supportive of my son and deal excellently with his particular needs. The School has a way of addressing the needs of individual pupils in such a kind and appropriate way. Charlie fits in so well, he is developing beautifully and has such good relationships with his friends. High Elms Manor School is a real school, not just a learning factory, and it’s more than just a school. There is a sense of community too that is not so well emphasized elsewhere.
Most Sincerely yours

Mrs Turner

Dear Catrine
May I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the invaluable start you have given my son for the rest of his school life. He has loved being your pupil. Many thanks.

Mr & Mrs Murphy

Dear Mrs O’Neill
When Matthew came to you he was unable to do even the most basic Maths and English and even his social skills were poor. Within his first month at High Elms Manor School he commented on how much he had learnt and wished he could have moved to there sooner. I must comment on the pastoral care at the school which is second to none. I wish many more children were fortunate enough to come here.

Sarah Loreti

To all at High Elms
We didn’t want to leave you without saying good bye and to thank you for all your genuine care, support and teaching that you have given both Jess and Oliver over the past six years. You have given them a great start and for that I am very grateful!

Liz & Marc

Dear Mrs O’Neill and Staff
Thank you for your support with my training course. It was very good. I hope to have a boss like Mrs. O’Neill when I find a job later as she is very open-minded, funny, and cool with her staff. I have a feeling that you all represent a whole family and not a boss with staff. Mrs. O’Neill represents the best Head and I think I was lucky to work for her.
I love you all.