Wednesday, 2nd May 2018

High Elms Manor School will be holding a WORKING OPEN MORNING on Wednesday, 2nd May 2018. There will be two tours; one starting at 9.15 a.m. and one starting at 10.15 a.m. We are an independent Montessori nursery and day school for children from the ages of 12 months to 11 years of age. As a small, family grouped school, children are encouraged to feel safe, secure and happy and learn using the Montessori material. Pupils work at their own pace and are given the opportunities to develop to their maximum potential, to think for themselves and encouraged to have a caring and responsible attitude towards each other. Our exam results are excellent and children go on to other outstanding schools. Please telephone to book your tour to look around and meet our teachers and pupils.

For more information pleas call 01923 681103 or email

"I released a children's book called Jacob, the Famous Goose, 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards. A True Story."

A lovely book by Former Principal Sheila Marlin (O'Neill)

It takes place between 1838 and 1846. It is about a goose who is saved from a fox by a Coldstreamer, stationed on a farm in Canada to keep the peace. The goose, called Jacob, stays with the regiment. He marches with them daily, goose-stepping and imitating the guards. One evening he saves their lives from a rebel attack. For his bravery, he is awarded a golden collar from Sir James Macdonnell who is in Quebec and Jacob becomes the mascot of the Coldstream Guards. He is taken to London where he takes up his duties at the Portland Street Barracks. He becomes an attraction for the local Londoners. The Duke of Wellington, who lives just around the corner, is a frequent visitor as he admires duty in any form. As the mascot, Jacob takes part in the 'Changing the Guard' and 'Trooping the colour'.

He is seen by Queen Victoria and her family. Jacob dies on duty, having been run over by a Hanson cab. He receives a funeral with 'Full Military Honours'. His head and neck are preserved and can be seen today attached to another goose's body in a glass cabinet at the Coldstream Guards Headquarters. There are history notes at the back of the book which mentions Monck's journey South with his army, to put Charles II back on the throne and how they got their name from the town on Scotland's border. Also a potted history of The Duke of Wellington, Sir James Macdonnell and Queen Victoria and how they were all connected. Suitable for readers of 7 years upwards. I have illustrated nearly every page with colourful pictures. I also have another book called 'Flip to the Rescue' for younger readers.

Sheila Marlin (O'Neill).


Please come and look around and meet our teachers and pupils.

For more information pleas call 01923 681103 or email

The East of England Business Champions Award 2012 for Enterprising Business

Sheila O'Neill, Former Principal of High Elms Manor wins The East of England Business Champions Award 2012 for Enterprising Business.

Top of the class!

Congratulations to Catrine and Lili who collected their awards on Friday 18th November 2012 at the magnificent St Albans Abbey.

Catrine for a 1st Class Hons Degree as a Bachelor of Education and Lili for a 1st Class Hons Degree in Child Development. Well done to them both.

Makeover for renamed country manor in Garston, which features in Channel 4 programme

A historic manor house and school has a new name and a fresh coat of paint after a makeover to help reverse its ailing fortunes. Garston Manor House, in High Elms Lane, will now be known as High Elms Manor, following a grand launch party held at the venue on Friday...

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For the Holidays!

The best gifts & toys for children aged 0-12. Many children have too many toys! So what do we get for them for the holidays?

Children want, children need, their parents time and attention. Recently there have been many 1-minute bedtime story type books on the market...

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Portrait Art by Sheila O'Neill Principal of High Elms Manor School

Sheila was also a renowned portrait artist. She studied art in Montreal, where she received her diploma...

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