Little Elms

Why choose Montessori?

• Chidren are able to feel safe and happy
• gaining in independence and self-confidence
• learning through using their senses with the materials
• encouraged to develop curiosity
• focused and interested in their work
• able to have free choice in a prepared environment
• led from the concrete to the abstract
• responsible for their own actions
• working at their own pace
• introduced individually to the next stage of work
• building concentration while engaged in practical life activities
• becoming masters of their environment
• able to reach abstraction through repetition

The Childrens House

The environment and class culture should excite the imagination and entice the primary age child into a quest for knowledge. Historical timelines, pictorial charts, concrete mathematical materials, reference books, stimulating discussions, a teacher to facilitate and support learning are all features of a Montessori primary class. Children can excel where there is a natural aptitude, and work steadily on areas which need more time to master.

A loving and sociable environment is provided with plenty of stimulating acitvities. The child’s development is enriched through Montessori materials, songs, books, musical instruments and art acitivities. They also have a newly designed outside area and a Forest School which is set amongst our beautiful woodland.

Specific materials are provided to aid the development of this age group such as eye-hand-control, movement, language development and maths skills. The main aim is to encourage the child to become independent through interaction with the environment such as dressing oneself and making choices. Under the guidance of a Montessori teacher, children learn by cultivating concentration and becoming self-motivated which leads to a love of learning.

The curriculum

For the younger children an informal programme is maintained where the child chooses his/her own activities. The child is encouraged to be independent and to take care of the environment. There are also opportunities for creative and imaginative play.

In Little Elms, the child is first made familiar with the environment and shown how to care for it. Gradually he/she is introduced to the Montessori material as he/she is judged ready. At each session there is an opportunity for storytelling and to join in with singing, rhymes, finger plays or keeping time to music with assorted percussion instruments. The children have access to an outdoor play area as well as occasional use of our spacious 21 acres with its own Forest School.

The children take part in project work, cooking, gardening, french, music, art as well as school plays and assemblies. The Montessori curriculum is introduced to the child on a one to one basis and small groups. The aim is to introduce basic skills and ensure a sound beginning to literacy and numeracy.

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