High Elms

Why choose Montessori?

• Children are working at their own pace
• prepared for life and to learn how to learn, instilling in them a love of learning
• taught in the Montessori method which more than satisfies the National Curriculum requirements and our pupils have performed well above the national average
• provided a secure framework which maintains a balance between freedom and discipline
• encouraged to have good behaviour and manners
• given opportunities to develop their maximum potential
• given a sense of work and valued for their contribution to school life
• encouraged to have a caring and responsible attitude towards each other
• expected to respect and co-operate with each other and obtain a community spirit without competition
• encouraged to think for themselves and make decisions
• developing self-confidence, independence and self-motivation
• given activities and opportunities to develop talents and creativity
• preparing to become citizens of the future
• developing a cosmic morality through respect for nature and continuing responsibility for the planet
• helped to see themselves not as self-engrossed individuals, but as children of the universe through stories and projects on the universe, solar system, earth life, humans and civilisation

Community of Learners

The environment and class culture should excite the imagination and entice the primary age child into a quest for knowledge. Historical timelines, pictorial charts, concrete mathematical materials, reference books, stimulating discussions, a teacher to facilitate and support learning are all features of a Montessori primary class. Children can excel where there is a natural aptitude, and work steadily on areas which need more time to master.

Montessori primary is based on multi-age groupings. Montessori primary classes have children from 6-12 years, with 6-9 year olds and 9-12 year olds often forming two groups. The multi-age grouping provides children with opportunities for social development. Social relations, including tolerance and respect for oneself and for others, is also a strong part of the Montessori curriculum. Friendships developed in a multi-age setting have depth, and a wide range of ages and abilities builds in each child a tolerance and appreciation for people's differences. Relationships within the class and their complexities are supported by sensitive and respectful adults who help the children to take responsibility for their community.

The multi-age groupings also enhance learning. Younger children are inspired by the older children's activities and try to emulate their progress. The older children benefit by reinforcing their own knowledge "teaching" younger children. The self-learning structure of a Montessori classroom frees the teacher to give a child the individual attention he needs, when he is ready, when his interest is high and curiosity aroused.

The curriculum

The primary aged student develops powers of reason, abstraction, and imagination and begins to think and wonder about ideas and concepts beyond her own personal experience. Lessons, in the form of stories and materials, inspire children in independent research and group projects. The curriculum includes the physical nature of the universe, human history and prehistory, literature, science, the arts, mathematics and geometry - in fact, any subject studied can be and is presented in a Montessori primary classroom.

The older children are shown how to record their work and make use of reference books. They are given individual and group tuition and they work at their own pace. We prepare children for entrance exams to public schools at various age levels.

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum. Subjects covered are English, History, I.T., D.T., Geography, Mathematics, Biology, Science, R.E. and French. Other activities include Project Work, Crafts, Movement, Singing, Drama, P.E., Swimming, Football, Art and Music. Extra Curricular Activities: Ju-Jitsu, Horse Riding and Piano .

For more information about the Montessori method please go to www.montessori-uk.org