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1. School fees for all children are billed three times a year coinciding with the school terms. Payment must be made by direct debit or childcare voucher. There are two payment plans available, either: OPTION 1 – In advance of the term on the following dates; 1st September, 1st January and 1st April. 5% discount is applied to fees of parents choosing this option. Or OPTION 2 – Four instalments per term as follows: Autumn term, 1st September, 1st October, 1st November and 1st December. Spring term, 1st January, 1st February, 1st March and 1st April. Summer term, 1st May, 1st June, 1st July and 1st August.

An instalment plan may not be implemented if the term’s fee is less than £200.

Parents of all children in attendance at the school must have a direct debit mandate in place, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Childcare Vouchers
Payment by childcare vouchers must be in a regular and repeating pattern previously notified to the school. The balance of any outstanding fees will automatically be collected by direct debit via the chosen payment plan. One month’s notice is required in advance of any changes to the amounts or pattern of payments.

Payments via any method other than the above attract a processing charge of £5.00 per transaction unless generated by a request from the school office.
2. 2.5% compound interest per month or part of a month is payable on all overdue fees. In addition, the parent will reimburse the school all costs and expenses (including legal costs( incurred in the collection of the overdue amount. A pupil may be asked to leave whose fees are not paid promptly. In addition, children with parents owing fees at the end of a school term may not return the following term until such time as the fees are paid. No credit will be given for this time of absence. Terms of notice will still apply. Payment extensions must be obtained from the school office, in writing.
3. Additional Finance Charges
Initial Direct Debit set-up fee free
Unpaid Direct Debit £7.00
Cancellation of Direct Debit Mandate £10.00
New Direct Debit set-up fee £8.50
4. Notice period for all children. A full term’s notice in writing is required in advance before the removal of a child or the discontinuance of an extra subject or activity, e.g. a child leaving at the end of the summer term would be required to give notice on the first day of that term. Failing this, a term’s fee will be charged in lieu of such notice. Notice is always acknowledged by email or letter but you may prefer to obtain an immediate receipt from the school office. Your acknowledgement or receipt is your proof that notice was received on time. The School will not be required to mitigate its loss or give credit for the fact that a place has been filled.
5. Children are required to attend a minimum of two separate sessions per week.
6. No reduction is made for temporary absence, holidays or illness.
7. The onus is on parents to manage their own fee accounts and to ensure that the correct notice is given.
8. If nursery funding is not granted for any reason, parents are required to pay full fees.
9. Bookings for extra sessions are payable in full and are not transferable.
10. Parents may not leave their children before the start of their session time; please either pre-book the relevant wrap around session or wait with your child until the session starts.
11. Parents must endeavour to arrive on time to collect their children. If a parent is more than 10 minutes late collecting a child at the end of a session, an extra hour’s fee will be charged. Parents more than 30 minutes late are charged the full price of the next session. Parents who arrive after 4.00 p.m. are charged £12.50 for every quarter of an hour, or part of a quarter hour. If parents are persistently late they are deemed to be working against the ethos of the school. (See clause 12(
12. Entry is solely at the Principal’s discretion. The Principal reserves the right to request the removal of a pupil whose work or behaviour is unsatisfactory, or whose parent is working against the interest and ethos of the school, without a term’s notice. In such a case no refund will be made. However, there will be no liability for the next term’s fees.
13. The Principal reserves the right to change staff, classrooms, the location, the timetable, courses, dates or hours of opening if she deems it necessary without a term’s notice.
14. When rises in costs make an increase in fees essential it may be necessary to give less than a full term’s notice of this. Fee levels are subject to an annual increase at the start of the academic year.
15. If the school has to close, due to an emergency, e.g. weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, the school term will not be extended nor will any part of the fee be repayable.
16. If a situation arises where the school has been ordered to close due to a government health warning i.e. swine flu, parents will not be charged for the time the school is closed.
17. Receipt of the non-refundable £55 registration fee places a child on the waiting list. When a parent accepts a place for Day Care or Nursery, a securing fee of £200.00 is payable. When a parent accepts a place for Reception or the Upper School, a securing fee of £500.00 is payable. Once the securing fee has been received, written notice is required as detailed in clause 4 above. The deposit is refunded after the child has left, provided all fees have been paid up to date. Priority of places is given to those children who will be proceeding into the Upper School and whose parents have secured that place with a £500.00 deposit.
18. A concession of 5% will be available on the fees of a younger sibling if more than one child attends the school. A 30% concession is available on the fees of a younger sibling for children attending full time.
19. Telephone calls may be recorded to monitor and improve our service.
20. The staff at High Elms Manor School are committed to providing an excellent service, education and childcare. We will treat you with respect, and expect you to do the same. We will not tolerate threatening or abusive behaviour towards our staff, either verbally, physically or in writing, and will take whatever action is necessary ((including legal action( against any person who is involved in threatening or abusive behaviour. This clause is in conjunction with clause 12.

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